Liquor Store Privatization

(State rep. Bill Adolph, chairman, speaks during a meeting of the Pa. House Appropriations Committee.  Photo by Tony Romeo)

House Version of Pa. Budget to Incorporate Liquor Store Privatization

In an apparent effort to light a fire under the feet of their counterparts in the state senate, a committee in the Pennsylvania House has advanced a new state budget partially funded by revenues from the sale of liquor retailing licenses.


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Wine Shipments Bill Still Wrapped Up In Privatization Debate

One big reason is that Republican leaders of the GOP-controlled House said they didn’t want to deal with alcohol privatization on a piecemeal basis.


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Corbett Expects Compromise On Transportation Funding Bill

Governor Corbett in February proposed raising about $1.8 billion a year for roads, bridges and mass transit primarily by lifting the cap on gasoline taxes at the wholesale level.


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Boisterous and Tense Moments at Pa. Liquor Store Privatization Hearing

The lieutenant governor accused the ranking Democrat on the panel of impugning the character of Corbett cabinet members.


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Pa. Senate Takes Up Liquor Store Privatization Issue

The man on the hot seat today is Bucks County Republican Senator Chuck McIlhinney, chairman of the Senate committee that will vet the House Liquor bill.


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett talks to reporters after Pa. House votes to pass liquor store privatization. (Credit: Tony Romeo)

Pa. House Passes Liquor Store Privatization; Hurdles Loom In Senate

It is the first time a liquor privatization bill has passed either chamber of the legislature. Opponents of the measure, mostly Democrats, predicted doom and gloom if the bill becomes law.


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Gov. Corbett Insists on Full Privatization of Pa. Liquor Store System

Governor Tom Corbett is reaffirming his commitment to full privatization of liquor sales in Pennsylvania.


(A Pennsylvania liquor store, in Philadelphia.  File photo)

2012 Year In Review: Attempt To Privatize Pa. Liquor Stores Fails – Again

The failure of yet another attempt to privatize liquor sales in Pennsylvania was one of the big stories of 2012.


(A Pennsylvania liquor store, in Philadelphia.  File photo)

Pa. Legislature Wraps Up With No Action On Liquor Store Privatization

Pennsylvania lawmakers have wrapped up another two-year session without action on privatizing liquor sales. That may not bode well for supporters of the idea.


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Debate On Liquor Store Privatization Bill To Resume Today

The House Monday night began debating the proposal by Majority Leader Mike Turzai, an Allegheny County Republican, that would give Pennsylvania beer distributors right of first refusal for 1,600 retail licenses for wine and spirits sales that would be available.


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Historic Vote On Pa. Liquor Store Privatization Planned This Week

The state House majority leader is promising a historic vote this week on one of the most controversial issues of the past several decades: a proposal to have private business sell liquor in Pennsylvania.


(The Pennsylvania capitol, in Harrisburg.  File photo)

Lawmakers Head Back To Harrisburg; Budget, Liquor Stores On Agenda

A new budget is definitely on the agenda, while House action on legislation to privatize liquor sales is a possibility.


State Senate Leader: If Pa. Liquor Stores Aren’t Privatized, They Should Be Modernized

As the state House prepares to take up liquor privatization, the top Republican in the Senate says he remains concerned that the issue of modernizing liquor sales doesn’t get lost in the process.


Representative Mike Turzai introduces legislation to privatize Pennsylvania Wina and Spirits stores. (Credit: Mike Turzai's office)

Liquor Store Privatization Supporter Decides Against Congressional Run

Efforts to privatize liquor sales in Pennsylvania got a boost yesterday when the legislature’s prime supporter of the idea announced he’s not going to run for Congress.


(Gov. Tom Corbett, in file photo)

Governor Corbett Cites School Vouchers As Priority For Fall Legislative Session

Governor Corbett says his top priority is school vouchers, but he also wants to address transportation funding, liquor privatization, and natural gas drilling.