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Americans Using Statins In Record NumberThe number of Americans over 40 who take cholesterol-lowering drugs has climbed from around 20% in 2003 to around 28% in 2012.
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Recommended For Half The Adult PopulationAre we a country that is relying too much on medications to help extend our lives? New guidelines recommend statin drugs for half the adult population.
A New Way To Look At Heart Disease And Its TreatmentOne of the most widely prescribed and effective drugs in the war against heart disease is about to become even more popular, because of new recommendations by the nation's cardiologists.
Going Generic, Lipitor Could Lower More Than PriceThe drug is called "Atorvastatin," but you probably know it as Lipitor, and starting today it is going generic. More important, this could make big differences in lowering not only cholesterol but the very important element LDL or bad cholesterol.
Health: Popular Cholesterol Medication Is Set To Go Generic, Lowering The CostThe blockbuster cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor loses its patent tomorrow. So what does that mean for the millions of Americans who take it?
Statin Therapy For Young Stroke VictimsIt’s estimated that only about 5% of strokes are experienced by young adults under the age of 50 but a new study suggests they may also benefit from statin therapy already used by older stroke victims.
Health Watch: Popular Drugs May Soon Get A Whole Lot CheaperThe next 14 months will bring generic versions of seven of the world’s 20 best-selling drugs, and other medication.
Statins Only As NeededThe statin drugs are cholesterol lowering drugs that are prescribed to millions of Americans but they should only be taken by those who need them.

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