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Opioid Crisis Has Lowered U.S. Life Expectancy, Study FindsAccording to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the country's opioid epidemic claimed over 33,000 lives in 2015.
Thick Waist May Double Risk Of Premature DeathWhere you carry your weight could be as important, if not more important, than how much you weigh.
Administrative Costs Add Heavy Expense To Health CareAdministrative costs may be the real reason your doctor’s bill is so expensive.
Some Other Countries Happier, HealthierWhen it comes to overall health, we could learn a thing or two from other countries. Many of these nations trump the US in life expectancy.
Study: Sexual Frustration May Cut Down On Life ExpectancyAccording to researchers at the University of Michigan, sexual frustration could cut down on life expectancy -- at least for fruit flies.
US Has Unhealthy PopulationThe US spends more on health care but lags behind other countries in health.
Study: Diabetes Can Shorten Your Life By 6 YearsThis report, based on 820,000 people and it reviewed 97 existing studies, finds that diabetes can shorten an average person's life by six years.

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