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Plant Now For Fall Harvest

There are plenty of foods you can plant now, to harvest all through autumn and even into December


(credit: Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences)

Plant Fall Vegetables Now

It’s time to get your fall vegetables in the ground – or into raised beds or just great big pots, which are what I use.



Expert Gives Advice On Best Foods To Eat During Oppressive Heat

With the heat wave still with us, you might be wondering what kinds of foods are best to stay hydrated.


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Time To Toss The ‘Salad’

As summer gets going, the ‘cool weather crops’ that do well in the spring, such as lettuce, begin to go to seed.


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Some Herbs Are ‘Bolting’ From The Heat

When plants like cilantro and parsley and lettuces get too hot, they simply go to seed to ensure a new generation.


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An Annual Mistake

There’s a reason experts say not to plant annuals before Mother’s Day around here, because until mid-May, there’s still the chance of an overnight frost.


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New Jersey Company Recalls Several Lettuce Products That Were Distributed In Pennsylvania

A New Jersey company is recalling certain types of lettuce after concerns arose about possible listeria contamination.


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Save Water As You Rinse Vegetables

Save water by rinsing vegetables in a bowl.