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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Popular Part-Time Jobs

As Jill Schlesinger reports, while many workers prefer a full-time position, others opt to work part-time in the evenings or on the weekends to earn additional income.

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Philadelphia Jobs Report: STEM Jobs Have A Lot To Offer

Jill Schlesinger reports careers in science, technology, engineering and math, the so-called STEM jobs can be intimidating, but worth taking a closer look.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: More People Entering Labor Force

As Jill Schlesinger reports, more are entering the labor force as the job market has stabilized.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Career Advice From Dad

Jill Schlesinger offers some advice from her own dad in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Sixth Anniversary Of The End Of The Recession

As Jill Schlesinger reports, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the U.S. economy bottomed out in June 2009.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Analyzing The Entry-Level Job Market

Jill Schlesinger reports although the labor market has been strengthening, there’s still big competition to land entry-level jobs.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Gifts For Graduates

Jill Schlesinger has tips on finding the best gifts for grads.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: The Perfect Gift For Graduates

Jill Schlesinger reports money is an obvious option, but presents that help grads post-college are more valuable.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Interns Hopeful Internship Will Turn Into Full Time Position

Jill Schlesinger reports employers in the Philadelphia area use internships to develop a pool of potential employees for their organizations.


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Curiosity, Desire Are Key Attributes When Looking For New Hires

“Find ways to gain experience. Do pro bono work for a non-profit. Find a small business that needs help and do it for free or for a discount.”


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Classes Need To Be Interactive To Address Different Learning Styles

“It is critical that your lectures and course content are not only current, but also that you remain cognizant that there are many different learning styles,” says Dr. Harry Costigan.


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Philadelphia Tech Executive Advises To Stay Involved Beyond School

“Challenge yourself during your education to be involved and aware of what is happening in the field you are studying,” says tech CEO, Leo Daiuto.


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Philadelphia PI Suggests Finding A Job While Attending College

Private Investigator, Jeff Stein suggests that aspiring detectives “apply for investigative positions while in college or do an internship with a private investigator.”


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Philadelphia Executive Director Supports B.S.N. Initiative For Nurses

At Doylestown Hospital, Patricia A. Stover provides leadership and direction for the functioning of the various departments of the nursing team, consistent with the hospital’s mission and annual strategic goals.


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Young Philadelphia CEO Creates Digital Interviewing Software Company

“I wasn’t trained in the technology field, but I picked it up along the way, and now serve as a business and technology voice within my organization. The ability to learn quickly is key for people in the tech field,” says Christopher Young.