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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Report Names Top 25 Up And Coming Job Fields For MillennialsJill Schlesinger says the advocacy group "Young Invincibles" examined government data on pay, projected growth and the share of young people working in each job.
Philadelphia Job Market Report: The Keys To Entering The Pharmacy FieldJill Schlesinger shares the keys to entering the field of Pharmacy as October is American Pharmacists Month.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Customer Service Week Celebrates Unsung Heroes Of Workforce As the front line of companies, these workers are vital to almost every organization.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: As Of 2014, 24M Entrepreneurs In U.S.Jill Schlesinger reports as of last year, there were 24 million entrepreneurs in the United States; that's 14 percent of the population.
Home Care President Recommends Staying Steadfast, Persistent, And Diligent“Stay steadfast, persistent and extremely diligent. Always educate yourself, and be curious and open-minded. With the knowledge that you build, utilize it to touch and change lives for the better,” says Chidelu Enigwe.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Breaking Into The Insurance IndustryJill Schlesinger offers some advice about having a career in the insurance industry.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Starting Salaries Are Expected To RiseThe technology sector is projected to see the greatest pay gains next year, with base salaries rising an average of 5.3 percent.
Philadelphia VP Uses His Degree To Help Mitigate Risk For Clients“One of the most challenging aspects of helping businesses mitigate the risk of data breaches is staying one step ahead of cyber criminals who are constantly finding new ways of stealing data,” says Kevin Smith.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Are You Qualified For A Job In Career Counseling?Jill Schlesinger reports counselors assist people with job related decisions by helping them choose a career path or educational program suitable for their skills.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Jobs May Come In Field Of Medical Practice ManagementJill Schlesinger reports the Affordable Care Act has put health care costs in focus as the government, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies try to squeeze more productivity out of each step of the process.
Philadelphia Teacher Says Teaching Is Next Best Thing To Continuing Education"The best way for a teacher to improve their teaching is usually through the practice of teaching and the professional development that takes place in school," says Dr. Francine Fulton.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: How To Feel Appreciated At WorkJill Schlesinger reports that expressing gratitude has been proven to be an effective tool for motivation and satisfaction in the workplace.