Lesley’s Last Word

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Claude Giroux, Ultimate Team Player

The difference between Claude Giroux and other great athletes. He is probably one of the best TEAM players I have ever seen.


Lesley Van Arsdall and Eric Lindros (credit: Bryan Michinok)

Talkin’ Flyers, Concussions With Eric Lindros

Today I sat down for lunch with Former Flyer Eric Lindros to talk about the state of the game and the leagues growing number of concussions.


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Lesley’s Last Word: Eagles Not Done Yet

So the Eagles kept the dream alive after beating the Miami Dolphins, 26-10. But they are still 5-8 and it would take about 19 different things to go their way to secure a playoff berth.


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Lesley’s Last Word: Life Without Chris Pronger?

Life with out Pronger? So far this season Chris Pronger has been out with an eye injury, knee injury and a mysterious illness, which now looks like concussion like symptoms.


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Vick, Young… McNabb?

They started the week with a blow out loss to the Patriots and ended it with a blow out loss to the Seahawks.


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Hip Hop Bounced

So, the Sixers have decided to get rid of their mascot Hip Hop. Apparently the fans didn’t love him and so the new owners have retained Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and Raymond Entertainment Group to develop the team’s next mascot.


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Time For A Change

Now that the Eagles are 3 and 6 and playoff chances are slim to none, I’ve noticed a very different atmosphere in the locker room.


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Did DeSean Jackson Let His Team Down?

Before the Eagles took the field Sunday afternoon they had already gotten off on the wrong foot.


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Veteran Jim Thome’s One-Year Deal A Great Move For The Phillies

The Phillies have signed Jim Thome to a one-year deal. This is a good thing for so many reasons.


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Charles Barkley On The State Of The NBA & It’s Union

This week I sat down for lunch with Charles Barkley to talk about life and the state of the NBA.


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Don’t Hit The Panic Button Just Yet

Everybody should really calm down about the Flyers.


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Should Visors Be Mandatory?

After a stick to the face that injured his right eye, Flyers captain Chris Pronger will be out at least two weeks. He’s lucky. Seeing a known tough guy like Pronger bent over screaming in pain is horrible. Yet preventable, just wear a visor.


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5 Reasons The Eagles Can Bounce Back After The Bye Week

Why we can be optimistic after the bye…


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Beer In The Clubhouse?

A story broke in Boston about Red Sox pitchers drinking beer in the clubhouse during games when they didn’t have to pitch.


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Changing Of The Guard At The Sixers

Today the deal was made official and the new management of the Sixers was introduced at the Palestra today. The new plan includes cutting prices for season tickets by at least 50 percent for single game prices, in an attempt to win back fans.