Leap Year

(Amy Adams and John Lithgow in the 2010 comedy "Leap Year.")

Despite Irish Tradition, Today’s Ireland Sees Few Women Proposing On Leap Day

“In Ireland, a woman can propose to a man on the 29th of February,” says John Lithgow’s character in the rom-com movie “Leap Year.”


(Photo illustration by Hadas Kuznits)

For Salaried Workers, Is ‘Leap Day’ An Unpaid Workday?

The February 29th “leap day” adds an extra day to the 2012 calendar year. But are you getting paid for that extra day at work?


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Today Is Leap Day

February 29th only comes once every four years, which is often enough to remeber, yet rare enough to forget.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

‘Leap’ To Do Garden Chores

Leap Day is a good cue to take care of those garden chores that don’t need doing every year.