Woman Sues Bar After Drunken Mechanical Bull Ride Results In Torn ACLA woman is suing Johnny Utah's for allowing her to ride a mechanical bull. Does it stack up with other unbelievable lawsuits?
Can't Defame The DeadThe point of a lawsuit for defamation isn’t that what was said about you hurt your feelings, but rather that it hurt your earning power.
Contingent Fee May Cost YouWhat is a contingent fee? It’s a contract written by a lawyer - so be careful.
Defamation Lawsuits Don't Always Require Naming NamesCan you sue for defamation even if you are never named? Maybe.
Suing Not The Remedy For Every TragedyAn SUV-driving woman who had hit not one but three bicycle-riding teenagers, killing one of them, is suing the victims of the accident for her pain and suffering.
Dumbest Way To Lose A LawsuitRecently, Paris Hilton won a lawsuit without even having to prove her complaint. Why? Because the defendants did something really stupid.
When To File - Or Not - A Class Action LawsuitWhen can you file a class action lawsuit? When should you?
Suing Your Employer While Still EmployedCan you sue your current employer while you're still employed?
A Little League LawsuitYou can’t just sue because damage happens.
Suing Your LawyerIf your store sells you a defective product, you can return it. If your doctor provides poor service, you can sue. But if your lawyer provides poor service, what can you do?
Salvation Army To Be Named In Center City Collapse LawsuitsThe Salvation Army will become the latest defendant in litigation over a deadly Philadelphia building collapse.
Service Of ProcessGetting a lawsuit into the hands of the defendant is called service of process.

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