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Lap Dances

(The interior of Philadelphia club Delilah's, without the dancers.  Photo provided)

Nutter Administration Throws In Towel On Effort To Slap Tax On Lap Dances

One of the most unusual tax battles in Philadelphia history has come to an end.


City Hall (File photo - credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Judge To Hear Nutter’s Appeal To Tax Lap Dances

The Nutter Administration’s attempt to slap a tax on lap dances performed at strip clubs falls squarely into the lap of a Common Pleas judge this morning.


A meeting of the Tax Review Board at City Hall last year as two strip clubs challenge the city's tax on lap dances. (Credit: Mike Dunn)

Strip Club Owners Claim Lap Dances Are Classic ‘American Theater’

The great Philadelphia lap dance tax battle is firmly underway. Three strip clubs are challenging the mayor’s plan to slap a tax on lap dances.


(file photo)

Philadelphia Gentlemen’s Clubs Set To Challenge Nutter’s Decision To Tax Lap Dances

The Nutter Administration’s controversial decision to start taxing lap dances at gentleman’s clubs will be challenged this week by the club at the start of what could be a lengthy legal battle.


(File photo)

La Salle U. Probing Business Ethics Seminar Featuring Lap-Dancing Strippers

La Salle University is investigating a business school seminar last month during which strippers allegedly gave lap dances to students.