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Renters Need Their Own Insurance

In the event of a loss, such as a fire, the landlord’s insurance will pay for damage to the building but not to a tenant’s personal belongings.


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Legally Evicting A Roommate

How do you kick out a crummy roommate?


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Evicting A Roommate

It’s a common problem for many apartment dwellers. How do you kick out a crummy roommate?



Bedbug Litigation

A 69-year-old woman discovered the hard way her new apartment was infested with bedbugs. She sued her landlord and just received $800,000.


Brigantine, NJ

Brigantine Family Upset Over Fees And Fines, Despite Uninhabitable Rental

Sandy’s wake left behind more than just a mangled mess of ruined drywall and soaked furniture. It’s now putting renters and landlords at odds over who should pay.


city council

Councilman Wants Landlords’ Properties Up To Code Before They Get A License

Philadelphia City Council will look at closing a little loophole in which property owners who don’t keep their houses up to code can still receive a landlord’s license.


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President Repeals ‘Burdensome’ Paperwork Requirements For Landlords

The law was designed to crack down on contractors working under the table, but everyone agreed it would be too much hassle for too little benefit.