The Key To Staying On The Right Medication RegimenNearly half of patients 65 years and older have mistakes in their medication regimens after leaving the hospital.
Swapping A Cup Of Joe For A Well-Rounded Diet Will Give You A Boost Of EnergyA well-rounded diet full of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, will give you lasting energy to power through your day.
New Study Says Swaddling Infants Can Increase Risk Of SIDSCould swaddling an infant be bad for its health?
The Best Way To Avoid Taking A Boatload Of MedicationsIt is called poly-pharmacy, a term for people taking a boatload of medications on a daily basis.
How Artificial Sweeteners Could Negatively Impact Your NewbornCould drinking soda or other products with artificial sweeteners, while you are pregnant, have an impact on your unborn child?
Study Says Stress In Your Relationship Is Just As Bad As Stress In The WorkplaceCouples who regularly fight have elevated levels of stress hormones.
Intensive Care Patients Need Psychological Help As Well As PhysicalOne specialty that has been largely ignored in these settings may be needed: psychiatrists or at the very least family physicians with psychiatric training.
How Regular Checkups With An Ophthalmologist Can Prevent BlindnessIt is called Wet Acute Macular Degeneration and it is a leading cause of blindness in the United States.
The Prevailing Problem With Mental Health Care In AmericaMental health conditions are prevalent in this country and sadly we have a serious lack of professionals and facilities to deal with it.
Report Links New Marijuana Laws To Rising Levels Of BronchitisIn populations where marijuana has been legalized we are beginning to see many of the same concerns we find with cigarettes.
Why You Should Probably Avoid Ultra-Processed FoodsYou’ve heard that processed foods are bad for you — but there are other foods that can even be worse. They are called ultra-processed foods.
Study: Working More Hours Increases Risk For Heart Disease

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