Changing Your Lifestyle Can Decrease The Likelihood Of You Having A StrokeIt is devastating to suffer a stroke. It can impact the patient and everyone around them.
Signs That You May Be Suffering From Anxiety Or DepressionThere are numerous mental health issues that we deal with in medicine but two of the most common are from anxiety and depression.
The Science Behind Finding The Perfect Pair Of ShoesThe older you get the more important it is to find a good pair of shoes.
New Report Says Watching Your Diet Can Have A Healthy Impact On Blood PressureNew report finds that women with gestational diabetes, who reported eating healthier diets, have a lower risk for high blood pressure.
Disturbing Statistics About NFL Player InjuriesIt is a very disturbing statistic and it might be a reason why we are starting to see NFL players retire at younger ages.
The Best Breakfast Foods To Feed Your ChildrenThere is no doubt that for certain at risk children there is a need to provide proper nutrition especially during formative years, but what types of food are best from a health standpoint?
How Air Pollution Can Be Dramatically Damaging To Your HealthWe know that the damage we are doing to our environment is not good for us, both in the short and long-run. But the effects can be dramatic.
How You Can Beat Your Battle With Rheumatoid ArthritisAccording to several recent studies, you should do everything you can to try and reduce these episodes of pain and discomfort, to minimize the chances of long term damage to your joints.
Why Experts Say First Lady's 'Let's Move' Initiative Won't WorkWill people do better if given fewer opportunities to make poor choices, or will they do better if given education to make better choices with all options available?
The Truth Behind E-Cigarettes And What You Should KnowHere in the United States, most health officials believe that e-cigarettes pose a threat to public health, but in Britain and many parts of Europe the feeling is that e-cigarettes should be recommended for smoking cessation.
New Study Finds Loneliness Can Be Hazardous To Your HealthA new research study from the University of Chicago shows that loneliness poses a significant health risk for older adults.
Experimental Smart Bomb Treatment For Breast Cancer Proves Promising Breast cancer researchers announced at a medical conference the news of encouraging results with a new drug treatment.

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