Knee Jerk Reactions

Knee Jerk Reactions: Eagles Fall To 1-3 With Loss To RedskinsThe Eagles fell to the Redskins 23-20 on Sunday.
Knee-Jerk Reactions: Eagles 24, Jets 17The Eagles held on to beat the Jets 24-17, getting their first win of the season.
Knee Jerk Reactions: Eagles Lose Disaster BowlKnee-Jerk reactions to one of the ugliest Eagles' losses you will ever see.
Knee-Jerk Reactions: Eagles Stunned By FalconsKnee-jerk reactions following the Eagles' opening loss to the Falcons.
Knee-Jerk Reactions: Ravens vs. EaglesHere are the knee-jerk reactions from the Eagles' 40-17 preseason win over the Ravens.
Knee-Jerk Reactions: Colts vs. EaglesKnee-jerk reactions to the Eagles' 36-10 preseason opening win over the Colts.
5 Knee-Jerk Reactions To The 2015 Eagles Schedule5 knee-jerk reactions based on the 2015 Eagles schedule.
Eagles Lose To Saints: Knee-Jerk ReactionsI've always said, I'd rather my team lose a big game in a blow out than lose at the buzzer, or in the final seconds. Final second losses sting the most because all you can think about afterwards is, "what if this", "what if that." You replay those moments over and over again.
Knee Jerk Reactions: Flyers OpenerIt's the morning after the Flyers opener, and it's hard to find anything to be excited about.