Kids’ Sports

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Kids’ Interest In Baseball Waning

Little League teams are struggling to attract players and baseball is less popular with other age groups as well.


High School Sports

Let Your Kids Play

With parents more involved in guiding their kids, there’s a temptation for parents to get over-involved in their children’s sports and provide pressure.


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Soccer Mom Sues Another Soccer Mom

In case you thought defamation lawsuits are just for celebrities, think again.


Kids Sports

3 On Your Side: The Cost Of Kids Sports

The Olympic Games can inspire a lot of budding athletes, but as any parent knows, kids’ sports can cost lots of cash. So 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has some advice on how to save


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Kids May Exercise Too Hard

How much exercise is too much exercise? In the past that was not a very important question to ask because the vast majority of people stopped exercising when they were fatigued, but things have changed a bit.


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Letting Your Kids Play Games

When it comes to kids and sports, we all know the story of the child who throws too many pitches and hurts his arm, but sometimes the psychological stress can even be greater.


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Don’t Over Do Childrens’ Sports

When too much importance is placed on child play and kids are encouraged to participate in extended games, they may be at risk for overuse injuries.