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Kevin Cleveland

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NJ Man Gets 28-Year Prison Term In String Of Rapes

A Camden man has received a lengthy state prison term for a string of rapes in southern New Jersey.


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Camden Man Pleads Guilty To Multiple Rapes In 2012

Twenty-nine-year-old Kevin Cleveland plead guilty to kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, robbery and posses of a weapon for an unlawful purpose on Tuesday.


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Suspect Charged In String Of Sexual Assaults In Camden

A 19-year old Camden man has been arraigned in connection with three alleged rapes of young women between mid-January and mid-February.


Camden Sex Assault Feb 22, 2012

Camden Woman Charged For False Rape Accusations

Janira Lebron, of the 200 block of S 27th Street in Camden, initially told investigators on Wednesday that she had been sexually assaulted near Baird Boulevard and Randolph Street in Camden shortly after noon.


(Credit: Camden Police)

Police: Person Of Interest Expected To Be Charged In Connection To Camden Rapes

Camden Police believe they have their suspect in three sexual assaults in Farnham Park in January and February.