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Kaboni Savage

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A Cooperating Mass Murderer Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison

It is one of the most horrific, cold-hearted crimes in the history of Philadelphia: a firebombing that wiped out a witness’s family. The final defendant, a cooperator, was sentenced this week.


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Kaboni Savage Soldier Gets 40 Years In Prison

A former cohort of drug kingpin and convicted murderer Kaboni Savage has been given a lengthy prison term.


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Firebomber Who Killed 6 in North Philadelphia Gets Life Sentence

Robert Merritt was the one who actually set the fire at about 5am, throwing a lit gasoline can into the living room on orders of a local drug kingpin.


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Federal Prosecutors Seek Life Sentence For Final Defendant In Fatal Firebombing

Authorities are seeking a life sentence for the final defendant convicted at trial the 2004 firebombing that killed six people.


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Phila. FBI Agent Honored For Work That Brought Ruthless Drug Kingpin To Justice

Philadelphia FBI special agent Kevin Lewis, an agent since 1996, had been consumed by the bloody multiple-murder case for 14 years.


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2013 IN REVIEW: The Kaboni Savage Murder Case

A federal jury in Philadelphia convicted Kaboni Savage of 12 murders, the most in modern Philadelphia history, and then sentenced him to death


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UPDATE: Jury In Kaboni Savage Trial Votes Unanimously For Death Penalty

The federal jury considering the penalty for convicted drug kingpin and murderer Kaboni Savage has voted unanimously that Savage shall be sentenced to death.


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Penalty Phase Begins In Kaboni Savage Murder Case

Savage, already serving 30 years on the drug conviction, was convicted last week of committing or ordering 12 murders.


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Philadelphia Drug Lord Convicted In 12 Murders

A Philadelphia drug lord is found guilty in the witness retaliation murder of a North Philadelphia family, and other killings dating back to 1998.


Jury To Resume Mulling Philly Murder Trial Monday

Federal court jurors resume deliberations next week in the murder and racketeering trial of a convicted Philadelphia drug kingpin.


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Deliberations Begin In Kaboni Savage Murder Trial

The jury hearing the three-month long federal murder trial of a Philadelphia drug kingpin has begun deliberations.


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Defense Opens In Philadelphia Murder-Racketeering Trial of Kaboni Savage

The defense’s first move was to impugn Savage himself — that is, the Savage who is heard in secretly recorded tapes vowing violent revenge on those who would testify against him.


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Admitted Hitman Hopes Testimony Equals Less Prison Time

Witness Lamont Lewis has admitted to committing 11 murders, including the arson murders of a witness’s family, but the defense contends he is lying about others to help himself.


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Admitted Drug Gang Hitman Holds Ground During Kaboni Savage Murder Trial

Cooperating witness Lamont Lewis says he knew his role in the gang, and did it without question.


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Philadelphia Hitman Testifies Against Former Crime Colleague

Lamont Lewis, 36, says he started cooperating with prosecutors to save his own life — to take the death penalty off the table.