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Cost Of Some Generic Medications Goes Way Up

Generic prescription medication used to save shoppers money over named brands, but now that’s not always the case.



Camden Cops Prepare To Vote On Whether To Unionize County Force

Camden County put out what FOP head John Williamson calls a “take it or leave it” offer a couple of weeks ago, with a January 31st deadline.


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Camden County Officials Extend County Police Application Deadline

They have also tendered a proposed agreement that could allow more current Camden city cops to make the transition to a county wide department.


(The New Jersey Civil Service Commission, facing camera, and staffers, backs to camera.  Credit: David Madden)

NJ Civil Service Board OKs Hiring of Replacement Cops in Camden County

The decision allows the county to bypass many civil service rules for a year to get the force up and running.


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NJ Judge Says No Camden Vote Necessary to Regionalize The Police Department

The “show cause” hearing before Judge Daustino Fernandez-Vina pitted opponents of the regionalized police force against those in favor of it, including Camden mayor Dana Redd.


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Camden Officials, Residents Spar Over Proposed County Police Department

The city of Camden wants to be the first participant in a Camden County police department.


(Camden County freeholder-director Louis Cappelli.  File photo by Mike DeNardo)

Effort To Force Voter Referendum On Camden Police Raises Ire of County Official

Lou Cappelli, leader of the county freeholders, questions the credibility and motive of those who distributed the petitions.


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Petition In Camden Gets 3,000 Signatures Against Countywide Police Force

The Camden city clerk will be presented this afternoon with a petition calling for a voter referendum on plans to convert the city’s police force into one under the control of Camden County.


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Camden Residents Weigh Governor Chris Christie’s Sick Pay Reform

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is looking to end payments for unused sick time for public workers. As legislative sessions wind down, the governor says it is an issue he will not compromise on.


Camden FOP president John Williamson. (Credit: David Madden)

Opponents Of Camden Countywide Police Force Aim To Kill Plan

Opponents of a plan to form a new Camden County Police Department, with the city of Camden it’s one and only participant, have laid out their plans to kill the whole idea before it ever gets started.


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Union Official Calls Camden County Policing Plan a Union-Busting Tactic

John Williamson, who heads up the Camden FOP, insists there’s lots of blame to go around but points a specific finger at the State of New Jersey for Camden’s current status as one of America’s “most dangerous” cities.


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Head of Camden FOP Warns of Possible Riots If City Adopts County Policing

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 1 president John Williamson believes a new, countywide police force would lead to increased crime — and more.


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Camden, NJ Signs On To Countywide Police Force Plan

The changes could come as soon as the end of this year. The police union is considering legal action.


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Camden, NJ Braces For Worse Times After Gov. Christie Slashes Urban Aid

Last week’s budget cuts from Trenton could leave financially distressed urban areas like Camden in serious trouble.


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Massive Layoffs Loom For Camden Police, Firefighters

Massive layoffs could become reality for the Camden Police force that hired 450 new recruits just nine months ago.