John Timoney

(Credit: CBS)

Former Philly Police Commissioner Shares His Thoughts On How Police Will Handle DNC

While we deal with wicked cold temperatures, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney spoke with us while putting up with a sand storm, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where he is consulting these days on police training.


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Consultant’s Plan For Camden County Police Force Is Unveiled

John Timoney, now a Miami-based public safety consultant, has laid out a plan that increases on-street staffing within the City of Camden — the only community to sign up for the proposed force so far — by over 80 percent.


(Former Philadelphia police commissioner John Timoney.  Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Former Philadelphia Top Cop John Timoney Advising On Camden Police Force Conversion

Former Philadelphia police commissioner John Timoney is lending his expertise in Camden County, NJ, as the county moves to create a regional police force.