Joe Scarnati

(File photo.  Credit: KDKA-TV)

Top Pa. Lawmaker Wants Top Speed Limits Increased to 70 MPH

Raising the speed limit in Pennsylvania is not a new idea. But the support of a leader like Republican state senator Joe Scarnati, the president pro tempore of the state senate, could be a game changer.



Top Lawmaker Wants To Make Federal Health Care Mandate Illegal In Pennsylvania

A state senate committee has advanced legislation aimed at nullifying the federal health care insurance mandate in Pennsylvania.


(The state capitol in Harrisburg.  File photo)

Pa. Senate Passes Natural Gas Drilling Regulations

The state legislature continues to move closer to enacting a bill that would regulate natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania.


FILE: Tom Corbett (credit: AP)

Transportation Funding Report Out, Corbett Response Awaited

The transportation funding commission voted on its recommendations last month and now the ball is in Governor Corbett’s court.


(A Marcellus shale drilling site.   File photo)

Pa. Lawmakers Advance Shale Drilling ‘Impact Fees’ Legislation

A Pennsylvania state senate committee has advanced a bill that would impose “impact fees” on natural gas drilling in the state, but some state lawmakers are expressing reservations.


Pa. House Passes Tax On Natural Gas Drilling

The state House has passed its version of a bill to levy a tax on Pennsylvania’s natural gas drilling industry. But the bill now goes to the Senate, where it faces major changes.



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