Joe Dee

(An NJ DOT front-end loader shovels salt.  File photo)

NJ DOT Says Snow Forecasts Are Forcing Its Spending Higher

New Jersey is spending a lot more money this year to handle snowstorms than in recent years — even though there hasn’t been that much snow.


(Red light cameras snap the license plates of violators at Route 70 and Springdale Rd., in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Credit: CBS3)

Part 4: Is It Safety, or Revenue?

New Jersey’s trial run for red light cameras suffered a setback earlier this summer after critics charged the “yellow” was turning to “red” too fast in some cases.



New Jersey Red Light Camera Enforcement On Hold

New Jersey has put the brakes on most towns involved in a pilot program using red light cameras to catch violators, at least for a short time. The reason is the lights themselves.


One of the "pothole killer" trucks that New Jersey is renting for pothole repairs.  Photo provided by New Jersey DOT)

New Jersey Puts ‘Pothole Killer’ Trucks Into Action On Roadways

The Garden State is spending $2.1 million on pothole repair this season, which includes a three-month lease of a half-dozen specially equipped trucks that do quickie patch work.