Positively Philadelphia: A Job Bank For Arts Professionals"Anything from historians, curators, administrative positions, executive directors at the various museums and theaters -- really anything that falls under arts and culture," says John McInerney of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.
Tips For Interviewing Via SkypeWhat are the rules for Skype interviews?
Job Compass AppJobCompass lets you instantly search for job openings near your current location.
Resume Builder Pro AppResume Maker Pro helps you build (and modify) a strong resume.
Interview Prep Questions AppInterview Prep Questions is a flash-card based way to prepare for those uncomfortable queries that pop up so frequently when you're in the market for a new job.
Resume Designer AppResume Designer helps you create a more professional looking CV - and it does so in a simple way.
Proven Job Search AppProven Job Search aims to make the job application process a little easier, letting you search CraigsList and SimplyHired, then apply for positions of interest in seconds.
Employee At Will May Be Fired At WillUnless you have an employment contract for a set term or are party to a collective bargaining agreement, you are what’s known as an employee at will. That means that you can be terminated at any time for any reason - just not a discriminatory reason.
What NOT To Put On Your ResumeWith hiring on the upswing in 2012, several articles, including those written by CareerBuilder.com, The Business Insider, and Salary.com, discuss things you should never put on your resume.
Lying On Your ResumeDoesn’t everyone who sends out a resume embellish it just a little? What's your obligation to be precisely truthful?

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