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(Phila. PD photo)

NE Phila. Man Gets 20+ Years For Strangling His Wife in Pennypack Park

Christopher Murray sat at the defense table wiping away tears, with his head bowed in his hands.


(Phila. PD photo)

Husband Accused of Murdering Wife in a NE Phila. Park To Stand Trial

After the body of Constance Murray was found in Pennypack Park, police conducted a search for the killer for several days — until suspicion turned to the husband.


Suspect Malik Anderson. (credit: Philadelphia Police Department)

Trial Of Man Charged With Murdering Childhood Friend in Northeast Philly Begins

Trial is now underway in the case of a man charged with murdering a boyhood friend over the proceeds of a stolen video game.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

2013 IN REVIEW: Phila. Couple Chooses Prayer, Not Doctor, For Dying Son

Herbert and Catherine Schaible are awaiting sentencing after admitting they chose prayer over medicine, leading to the death of their seven-month-old son last April.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Sentencing Set For Philadelphia Couple After Second Child Dies Of Neglect

At the time, the couple was on probation for the 2009 manslaughter death of a two-year-old son under similar circumstances.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Murder Charges Retained Against NE Phila. Faith-Healing Couple

Their infant son died from dehydration and pneumonia in April, but the defense had argued there wasn’t the evidence of malice necessary to support a third-degree murder charge against Herbert and Catherine Schaible


(Credit: Philadelphia PD)

Elderly NE Phila. Man To Stand Trial For Killing Wife, Blaming Neighbor

During a hearing, a Philadelphia homicide detective detailed Louis Hartdegen’s initial statement and the subsequent investigation that led to Hartdegen’s arrest.


Catherine Schaible (Credit: Philadelphia District Attorney's Office)

House Arrest For Faith-Healing Mom Charged With Murder Of Son

A judge OK’s house arrest for a faith healing mom charged with the murder of her son, the second son to die when Herbert and Catherine Schaible allegedly chose prayer over medical treatment.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

No Bail For Faith Healing Couple Charged In Son’s Death

A Philadelphia judge orders the couple to remain in custody as they await a preliminary hearing next month.


(Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  Photo provided by Philadelphia DA's office)

Trial Starts For Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts Of Murder

Opening statements and the start of testimony are underway in one of the most gruesome and disturbing criminal cases in Philadelphia history.


(File photo of Dr. Kermit Gosnell)

Abortion Doc Says He’s ‘Close To Destitute’, Doesn’t Have Lawyer

A West Philadelphia doctor charged with running an abortion clinic, in which one patient and sevent infants were allegedly murdered, was ordered by a judge on Friday to explain why he and his wife have yet to retain a lawyer.


Couple Guilty of Manslaughter In Son’s Death After Choosing Faith Healing

A Northeast Philadelphia couple has been convicted in connection with the pneumonia death of their two-year-old son. The defendants chose god and prayer over medicine.