Jim Henson

(One of the options for the new Sixers mascot: Phil E. Moose, a dunking seven-foot moose. Credit: http://www.nba.com/sixers/mascotfanvote.html)

Founding Father, Dog Or Moose Are Finalists For New Sixers Mascot

The 76ers are asking fans to go online to vote for the team’s new mascot. The three finalists have been narrowed down to a Ben Franklin mock-up, a dog, or a moose. (Yes, a moose.)


(Credit: Henson Associates)

Movie Review: ‘The Muppets’

Kermit may be green with envy, Fozzie may find it hard to bear, and Miss Piggy may still be waiting for the oink to dry on her contract, but the missing Muppets haven’t missed a beat.



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