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Jim Donovan

Blog: Will Green-Bean Casserole Be On Your Thanksgiving Table?It’s estimated that 30 million homes will serve up the dish this holiday.
Holiday Weekend Shopping StrategyRemember when Black Friday used to be the big kick-off to the holiday shopping weekend? Well with more and more stores opening on Thanksgiving Day it's more like a mid-point. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has what you need to know before heading out to shop.
Best Credit Card Balance Transfer OffersDo you carry a balance on your credit card each month? While credit card interest rates have largely been in a holding pattern for the past few years, don't expect that to last much longer. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan explains why and shows you one way to prepare yourself.
Phila. Parking Authority Launches New App To Pay MetersIt's the latest innovation to improve parking in Philly. Today the Philadelphia Parking Authority introduced meterUP, an app that allows drivers to pay with a smart phone.
Scam Alert: How NOT To Use An Amazon Gift CardWe have a warning tonight about using gift cards to buy things online. More and more people are doing it, but as Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan warns, you could get burned. In this report, he shows how not to use an Amazon gift card.
Center For Pet Safety Conducts Pet Crate Crash TestsBefore you know it the holidays will soon be upon us. Many families will be hitting the road to visit loved ones, often with a family pet in tow. So how do you make sure they're traveling safe? While many pet crate manufacturers claim their products are crash-tested, there are currently no federal testing or performance standards.
More Teens Are Using Smartphone Apps To Keep High-Tech SecretsThe sexting scandal being investigated in Chester County highlights a growing concern around the country, leaving many parents to wonder, how is this happening so easily? Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan is here to explain how the apps on your child's smartphone may be part of the problem.
Odometer Rollback Catching Car Buyers Off-GuardIt's a scam that milks American car buyers out of more than $1 billion dollars each year and advances in technology have made it easier than ever to rip people off.
3 On Your Side: Shower Door Safety Glass, Not So SafeIt can happen in a split second. One minute you're getting ready, the next you're covered in glass after the shower door explodes. It's happening so often that the federal government is now taking notice.
Blog: PA Attorney General Sues Cemetery Marker BusinessThe complaint alleges violations of the Consumer Protection Law.
3 On Your Side: What Does Google Know About You?How much does Google know about you?
3 On Your Side: What College Admissions Officers Are Really Looking ForIt's the time of year when high school students begin preparing college applications. But will they be touting qualifications that will actually stand out? New research says no.
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