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3 On Your Side: Saving On Auto InsuranceLooking for ways to save money on auto insurance?
3 On Your Side: What The Government Does With Your Income Tax DollarsWith tax season now over, hopefully you got a refund instead of owing Uncle Sam. But did you ever wonder what the government does with your income tax dollars?
3 On Your Side: New Trend Could Help You Save Big On Makeup, But Is It Worth It?In today's 3 On Your side consumer report, we take a look at a growing internet trend that could help you save big on your favorite brands.
Recall Roundup: Ford Vehicles, Frozen Veggies, And Organic TeaDangerous products that may be in and around your home. Here's information you need to know in this week's 3 On Your Side Recall Roundup.
3 On Your Side: Advice For Packing SmarterTravel expert Mark Murphy says that not only is over-packing a nuisance, but it can be costly too.
3 On Your Side: Ice Cream Prices May Not Be So Sweet This SummerA vanilla shortage is causing costs to spike.
3 On Your Side: Good News On The Job Front For Graduating SeniorsIn today's 3 On Your Side consumer report, a new survey shows there's some good news on the job front as they're receiving those diplomas.
What Parents Should Know Before Buying From The Flea MarketParents need to be extra careful when buying used toys or other items for kids.
3 On Your Side Recall Round-Up: Recreational Vehicles, Fruit Containers, Vegetable SoupDangerous products that may be in and around your home -- here's information you need to know in this week's 3 On Your Side recall round-up.
3 On Your Side: Filing An Airline Complaint Isn't So SimpleWant to file a complaint? Good luck.
Blog: WalletHub Rates 2016 Best And Worst AirlinesWalletHub today announced its list of 2016’s Best & Worst Airlines in order to help consumers prepare for the busy summer travel season.
3 On Your Side: Study Finds Millennials Job Hopping More Than Their ParentsChange is the new normal for millennials, switching jobs four times in the first decade out of college.

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