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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Top Apps For Your Job Search

Jill Schlesinger reports that Vault.com identified the top apps for your job search.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: More Activity And Rising Prices Are Making Realtor Jobs Appealing Again

Jill Schlesinger reports that successful realtors possess a wide variety of skills, but in the new era, a background in finance, business administration, marketing, economics and even law can differentiate you from the competition.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Sprucing Up Your Linkedin Profile

Jill Schlesinger reports there are three basic questions you should ask before sprucing up your Linkedin profile.


Philadelphia Jobs Report: App Market Expected To Grow To Be Worth $25B In 2015

Jill Schlesinger reports the global mobile applications market is expected to be worth $25 Billion this year.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Underrated Professions

As Jill Schlesinger reports, before you reject any positions consider this: Career Cast assembled a number of underrated professions that may be worth a second look.



Philadelphia Jobs Report: Best Entry-Level Technology-Based Jobs

Jill Schlesinger reports Wallethub conducted analysis to find the best entry-level jobs and IT-related positions took four of the top five spots.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Women Still Have A Way To Go For Pay Equality

Women earn just 76.5 percent of what men earn based of median annual salaries for full time workers.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Employment Expected To Grow For Qualified Social Workers

Jill Schlesinger reports that employment for qualified social workers will grow by 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Career As Private Investigator Can Be Enriching And Rewarding

Jill Schlesinger reports if you are interested in a career in criminal justice, you’ve picked the right time.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Employment For Personal Financial Advisors Expected To Rise

Jill Schlesinger reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment for personal financial advisors is expected to rise by 27 percent during the next eight years.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Those With Bachelor Degree Or Higher Have Lower Unemployment Rate

Jill Schlesinger reports those who completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher were in better shape when it comes to employment with an unemployment rate of just 2.9 percent.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Advice To Consider Before Purchasing A Franchise

Jill Schlesinger reports if you are considering purchasing a franchise, get ready to do your research before putting down a fee.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: If You’re Interested In A Green Job, There Are A Variety To Choose From

Jill Schlesinger reports you could work at non-profit environmental organizations, solar and wind technology companies.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Labor Dept. Predicts Jobs For Journalists Will Drop By 13% By 2022

Jill Schlesinger reports that the Labor Department predicts that jobs for reporters, correspondents and broadcast news analysts will drop by 13 percent from 2012 to 2022 due to a decline in advertising revenue.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Are Unpaid Internships A Thing Of The Past?

Jill Schlesinger reports the National Association of Colleges and Employers says 97.5 percent of internships are paid.