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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Companies Realize Millennials Are The Key To Success

Millennials are finding a niche in the workplace as social media managers.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: More Retirees Will Be Joining The Job Market

The baby boomer population will increase dramatically over the next 25 years, which means more retirees will be joining the job market.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Celebrating Video Game Day

Jill Schlesinger reports instead of spending pointless hours on your favorite console or device, take that avid interest to the next level and consider a career in the booming video game industry.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Are You A Workaholic?

Jill Schlesinger reports if you plan on getting some work done on the Fourth of July, you may want to celebrate National Workaholics Day on July 5.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Popular Part-Time Jobs

As Jill Schlesinger reports, while many workers prefer a full-time position, others opt to work part-time in the evenings or on the weekends to earn additional income.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: STEM Jobs Have A Lot To Offer

Jill Schlesinger reports careers in science, technology, engineering and math, the so-called STEM jobs can be intimidating, but worth taking a closer look.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: More People Entering Labor Force

As Jill Schlesinger reports, more are entering the labor force as the job market has stabilized.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Career Advice From Dad

Jill Schlesinger offers some advice from her own dad in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Sixth Anniversary Of The End Of The Recession

As Jill Schlesinger reports, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the U.S. economy bottomed out in June 2009.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Analyzing The Entry-Level Job Market

Jill Schlesinger reports although the labor market has been strengthening, there’s still big competition to land entry-level jobs.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: The Perfect Gift For Graduates

Jill Schlesinger reports money is an obvious option, but presents that help grads post-college are more valuable.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Interns Hopeful Internship Will Turn Into Full Time Position

Jill Schlesinger reports employers in the Philadelphia area use internships to develop a pool of potential employees for their organizations.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Survey Predicts Strong Job Growth This Summer

Jill Schlesinger reports in the aftermath of the recession, summer jobs have become more elusive.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: May Is National Investors Month

Jill Schlesinger reports so often, we encounter a product, service or a business concept that we ourselves may have thought about years before.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Rules For Job Negotiation Process

Jill Schlesinger reports candidates should be cautious before grabbing that first job offer.