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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Rules For Job Negotiation Process

Jill Schlesinger reports candidates should be cautious before grabbing that first job offer.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Some Veterans Will Face Unemployment As They Seeks Jobs Outside Of Military

Jill Schlesinger reports about one of two post 9/11 veterans will face a period of unemployment as they seek new jobs outside of the military.


Philadelphia Jobs Report: Study Finds Employers Recruiting More New College Grads

Some employers are even offering signing bonuses.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: How To Identify A Bad Boss

Jill Schlesinger reports job candidates are increasingly using interviews to determine whether the company and the potential new boss are the right fit.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Need For Registered Nurses Has Jumped

Jill Schlesinger reports it’s National Nurses Week.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Gender Pay Gaps In The Workplace

Women in the United State still earn about 20 percent less than men. That differential varies from state-to-state.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: What To Consider When Pursuing A Teaching Career

Jill Schlesinger reports teaching requires dedication, patience and the ability to communicate with students, as well as parents and administrators.


Philadelphia Jobs Report: Is Marketing The Career For You?

Jill Schlesinger reports behind most innovative marketing and social media campaign is a whole marketing team, which relies on research, pricing strategy and creative services to prompt consumers to act.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Employers Invest Heavily In Human Resource Professionals

Jill Schlesinger reports HR professionals must have strong interpersonal and analytical skills in order to serve as a link between an organization and its employees.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Sales Can Be A Lucrative Career, But It Comes With Risks

Jill Schlesinger reports while sales can be a lucrative career, you have to be ready to assume the risk of variable income and the pressure to hit specific bottom line goals.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Is Accounting The Profession For You?

The profession has expanded as tax codes have become more complicated.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: What Are Employers Looking For In A College Graduate?

Jill Schlesinger reports the National Association of Colleges and Employers surveyed its members for what they seek in new hires.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Now Is A Good Time To Enter Healthcare Industry

Jill Schlesinger reports as more Americans gain access to insurance, providers will need to add staff to meet increased demands.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Physician’s Assistant One Of Fastest Growing Medical Professions

Jill Schlesinger reports as we celebrate World Health Day this week it’s worth noting that one of the fastest growing medical professions is a Physician’s Assistant or PA.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Career Coaches Can Help Boost Your Skills And Options

Jill Schlesinger reports career coaches encourage rigorous self-assessments in areas where you may feel you’re falling behind.