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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Turning A Hobby Into A Career

Jill Schlesinger reports that experts note that creative professionals may be the best candidates to morph their hobbies into careers.

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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Certificate Program Can Boost Skills And Potential Earning Power

Jill Schlesinger reports if you are working a full-time career and don’t have the time or lifestyle that would accommodate returning to graduate school, you might want to consider a certificate program that would boost your skills and potentially, your earning power.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Is Working From Home For You?

Jill Schlesinger reports the first hurdle is to find legitimate, well-paid positions because work-at-home scams abound.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Survey Measures The Success Of College Grads Beyond Salary

Jill Schlesinger reports on a new survey by PayScale which measures the success of college graduates beyond dollars and cents.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Accounting And Tax Prep Firms Expected To Hire More This Upcoming Tax Season

Jill Schlesinger reports with the upcoming tax-filing season expected to be the worst in decades, accounting and tax prep firms are expected to hire more people.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: List Of The Hottest Jobs In the Year Ahead

Jill Schlesinger reports on the list of the hottest jobs in the year ahead.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Jobs In Customer Service Expected To Grow

CBS News Analyst Jill Schlesinger reports that jobs in customer service are expected to grow:



Eventual Impact of Facebook’s IPO Likely To Be Large, Say Stocks Experts

“Facebook,” the social networking web site, may be filing its long-awaited initial public offering (“IPO”) later this week. But it will probably be months before the company will be offering any stock.



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