Jeweler’s Row

Watches Etc. at at 105 South 8th Street along Jewelers' Row (credit: John McDevitt)

Watch Out! Setting Your Watch Back An Hour Could Be Costly

Even though it’s that time of year to fall back an hour, an area watch repair specialist says always go forward when changing time on certain types of watches or you could cause some expensive damage.


Philadelphia Police Department

Burglar Targets Center City Jewelry Store

Police are investigating the robbery of a jewelry store in Center City late Sunday night.


CT Robbery Murder Suspect

Connecticut Police Seek Murder Suspect In Philadelphia

Police in Connecticut are asking for the people of Philadelphia to help them identify a suspect who is wanted for Murder.


(Credit: Ian Bush)

How Bling Is Your Ring?

November and December are traditionally the busiest for marriage proposals. So, with diamond rings in high demand, what do women want — and what’s a guy to do?



Robbins Jewelers Closes After 60 Years in Philadelphia

A sign on the store reads ‘closed’ and steers customers to it’ last remaining store located a half hour away in Delaware where they boast that there’s convenience and no sales tax.


(credit: KYW's Michelle Durham)

Jeweler’s Row Sees Fewer Gold Sales, More Diamonds

Considering the cost of gold these days, it stands to reason that less people would be purchasing gold jewelry.