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Jay Lloyd’s Getaway

Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Colebrookdale RailroadThe past is as close as Boyertown in Berks County. A refurbished railroad is bringing 19th century travel between Berks and Montgomery counties back to life.
Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Cape May Off-SeasonCape May scored big Papal weekend, but there's a lot more to come.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: New York Rooftop
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: History GetawayWith the news that Queen Elizabeth has become the longest reigning British monarch in history came social media questions about why Americans should even be mildly interested. Getaway seekers of history do care.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Papal Getaway UpdateIf you think you'll be getting out of town on the Papal weekend of September 26th and 27th, KYW Jay Lloyd has an update on availability and prices at some favorite destinations.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Hurricane Hounded GetawayHurricane season can really put a damper on getaway plans. KYW's Jay Lloyd looks at what you can expect if you've already paid for a trip to a paradise where a major storm is brewing.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Countryside Meets Industry In Chester CountyAmerican steel production is still alive in nearby Coatesville.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Escape To Gettysburg On Papal WeekendAs prices head upward at some of the most popular papal weekend getaway destinations, perhaps looking westward is a good option.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Unforgettable Deck Bars On The WaterSummer getaways capped off with a water view at a lively deck bar leave indelible memories.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Hershey A Sweet Option For Papal Weekend GetawayNostalgia is the key in Hershey, Pennsylvania. And it's within two hours of home.
Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Crab Feast GetawayKYW's Jay Lloyd reports that a crab feast getaway is pricier than ever.
Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Hyde Park, New YorkWithout doubt, the dominant power couple of the 20th century was Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. KYW's Jay Lloyd enjoyed a getaway that offered memories of the times and an introduction to an iconic family.