Janet Gitney


Montco Woman Set To Be Released From Jail After Stealing From Disabled Stroke Victim

A 58-year-old Montgomery County woman will be released from jail after spending 13 months behind bars for stealing from a disabled stroke victim while he was under her care.


Janet Gitney is led from the courthouse in handcuffs. (credit: Brad Segall)

Montgomery County Caregiver Admits To Theft Of Client

A Montgomery County woman who had power of attorney for a disabled stroke victim has admitted in court that she stole more than $300,000 from the man while she was caring for him.


(Janet Gitney.  Photo provided by Montgomery County DA's office)

Judge Rejects Lower Bail For Montco Woman Accused of Swindling Stroke Victim

Janet Gitney remains behind bars in lieu of $7.5 million bail, on several felony charges.


Montgomery County Fugitive In US Custody After Trying To Flee To Philippines

A Montgomery County woman accused of swindling money from the disabled man she was caring for is now in federal custody.


(Janet Gitney.  Photo provided by Montgomery County DA's office)

Montgomery County Fugitive Arrested In New York

Authorities in Montgomery County say a Lansdale woman who fled the country after learning she was the target of a criminal investigation over money she allegedly stole from the man she was caring for has been taken into custody trying to get back into the United States.


(Janet Gitney.  Photo provided by Montgomery County DA's office)

Montco Woman Believed On The Lam After Swindling Disabled Charge

Prosecutors have filed theft and related charges against Janet Gitney, but they say the 54-year-old woman has fled the country, probably to the Philippines.