James Binns

(Photos provided by Philadelphia Police Dept.)

Not Guilty on All Counts in Philadelphia Police Narcotics Corruption Case

The stunning verdict, following seven days of deliberations, was read aloud by the jury foreman: not guilty on each of 26 counts.


James Binns dedicating a Hero Plaque in memory of Philadelphia Police Officer Frank Magro, in 2012. (Credit: James Binns)

Philanthropist To Graduate From Police Academy At Age 74

At 74-years-old James Binns did not set his sights on changing careers and joining a police force.


Officer Brian Lorenzo

Family Of Fallen Officer Files Civil Suit

The widow of officer Brian Lorenzo, who was killed by an alleged drunk driver last month, has now filed a civil suit.


Flamboyant Attorney Jimmy Binns Plans Lawsuit Against NJ Town After His Arrest

Margate police arrested Binns, 72, on criminal mischief charges after he had a contractor disconnect a neighbor’s air conditioning compressors.


(Philadelphia police officer Richard DeCoatsworth in 2009, after recovering from a shotgun blast to the face.)

Former Philadelphia Cop, Once A Hero Of City’s Force, Hits Another Low Spot

Richard DeCoatsworth was praised after taking a shotgun blast to the face during a car stop, but later was accused of using excessive force in another case.


(credit: Hadas Kuznits)

South Philly Schoolkids Relive A ‘Rocky’ Moment With Daylong Activities

Kids at a South Philadelphia school spent the afternoon today having fun and raising money with a “Rocky run.”