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Jacqueline McCusker

Bucks County Couple Convicted Of Defrauding Dozens Of Strapped Homeowners

A federal jury in Philadelphia today convicted Edward and Jacqueline McCusker of virtually all of the two dozen counts against them.


(The US courthouse in center city Philadelphia.  File photo by Tony Hanson)

Jury Hears Closing Arguments In Mortgage Fraud Trial of New Hope Pair

A federal jury has heard closing arguments in the case against Edward and Jacqueline McCusker, charged with cheating homeowners who were facing foreclosure out of their money and their homes.


Defense In Mortgage Fraud Case Accuses Witness Of Lying To Help Himself

A key government witness in a federal mortgage fraud case has been challenged by the defense, which has attacked his character and credibility.


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Bucks County Couple On Trial, Charged With Mortgage Frauds Of Homeowners

Federal prosecutors say that Edward and Jacqueline McCusker allegedly preyed on people in trouble — people behind in their bills and their house payments, and in danger of losing their homes.