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Mobile Devices Causing Digital Eye Strain

The overuse of mobile devices is believed to be contributing to the 61% of adults who admit to experiencing digital eye strain.


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New Hearing Aid Uses Smartphone To Clear The Air

A wireless connection to an iPhone delivers phone calls, music, streaming radio, even turn-by-turn navigation, right to the Linx in your ears.


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Philadelphia Smartphone Theft Ranked Highest In Country

Philadelphia is ranked number one for smartphone thefts, according to a new survey by AAA.


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3 On Your Side: Smartphone Trade-In Programs

Other than gathering dust in a closet, what can you do with an old mobile device? 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan looks at the options.


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Apple Introduces New iPhones For High End, Low End Markets

The iPhone 5C comes in bright colors, and the 5S comes in black, white, and now gold.


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Police: Masked Gunmen Steal $20K In iPhones, iPads from AT&T Store

Police say two masked gunmen stole about $20,000 in Apple iPhone 5’s and Apple iPads during a robbery at an AT&T store in Burlington County Wednesday afternoon.


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3 On Your Side: Get The Most Money When Selling Older iPhones

3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has information so that you get the most bang for your buck for your current model.


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Apple Releases Aggregate Data On Government Snooping Requests

Apple says the feds, state, and local authorities made requests for data from about 10,000 devices or accounts.


(The official Twitter blog announces the availability of "Vine" for Android devices.)

‘Vine’ Mini-Video Sharing App Now Available For Android

Android users will have something that iPhone users don’t: a zoom tool.


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Google Releases Alternative for ‘Siri’ on iPhones

“Siri” is getting some serious competition. Google is out with its own personal assistant for iPhone and iPad.


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Beset By iPhone and Android, Blackberry Reinvents Itself

Research In Motion now will be known as the device it creates. “RIM becomes Blackberry,” said CEO Thorsten Heins. The company is offering its first touchscreen device.


(As one customer shows off his new iPhone 5, a police officer monitors the line of customers waiting to get into the Apple store on Walnut Street.  Credit: John McDevitt)

At Center City Apple Store, Long Lines and Wide Smiles For iPhone 5

At an Apple store on Walnut Street in center city Philadelphia, those waiting in line got a number and waited for hours.


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3 On Your Side: Selling Your Old iPhone

For those looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 5, the question will be what to do with their old phone. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan takes a look at your options to make some money.


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The Clear App

The Clear app simplifies list-keeping for iPhone users, using a heat map to show the priority of items and a simple swipe functionality to check them off.


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Don’t Drive And Text

According to some polls, as many as 21% of people admit texting while driving and accidents are on the rise.