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Buzz Growing Over Possible Announcement Of iPad 3 From Apple

Apple is inviting reporters to an event Wednesday in San Francisco. An image on the invite showing part of an iPad screen suggests it’s to announce a new model.



Technology Workshops Help Caregivers Open New World For Disabled

A South Jersey non-profit is offering a series of hands-on workshops over the next few months to highlight assistive technology.


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Car Finder App

Have you ever walked out of a store or the mall and had absolutely no idea where you parked? Well with Car Finder, those days could be over.


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iPads To Teach Algebra

Five hundred kids waited excitedly in line in Las Vegas last September – not to get a look at a casino but to pick up their new text books – iPads for Algebra.


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Rumors Swirling About iPad 3

Apple has a media event set for March 7th, when it’s widely expected to announce the iPad 3. So, what’s new about it, and what should be in it?


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Tiny Review App

You may already be familiar with Yelp, a Website made up entirely of user reviews. Tiny Review uses a similar formula, but keeps it concise.


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Taxi Magic App

The Taxi Magic app lets you book a cab in over 40 major U.S. cities.



3 On Your Side: Paid To Watch TV

Imagine getting paid to watch TV. That’s what a new iPhone and iPad app promises its users. 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan has the news on the tube.


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NYT Report: Chinese Workers Endure Low Wages To Make iPads, Do Consumers Care?

Many Apple products, including iPads and iPhones are manufactured overseas where workers must endure low wages and hazardous conditions. But the question is, do American consumers care?


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New App Rewards Couch Potatoes For Watching TV

Earn points by watching your favorite TV shows. Redeem those points for gift cards, song downloads and more.


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3 On Your Side: Advice For Purchasing An E-Reader Or Tablet

One in five Americans now own a tablet, according to a new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. And those numbers are only going to grow.


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The World By National Geographic App

Loaded with bright pictures, fascinating factoids and an interactive map that’s fun to play with, the World By National Geographic app makes geography entertaining.


Not only does Apple think learning can be easier and more fun with iBook, but it is also much lighter than carrying around a pile of textbooks (file photo)

Interactive iBook Is Apple’s Solution To Boring Old Textbooks

Apple has announced its aim to replace a high schooler’s backpack full of books with electronic textbooks on an iPad. But many students are still priced out of the market.


Harry Potter Film Wizardry App

Muggles who can’t get enough of the boy wizard will have plenty to explore in this behind the scenes look at the Harry Potter Film Franchise.


A general view of the Samsung Electronics booth at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. (Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Thinner TVs, Bigger Smartphones, Cheaper Tablets Debut At The Consumer Electronics Show

It’s day two of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but we’ve already seen the wraps come off the latest in technology.