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Smart Phone App Will Help Blow Whistle On Invasive SpeciesA scientist has developed a smart phone application to help keep track of invasive species.
Mint Knows No BoundsMint likes to wander. It won't be contained by a pot - or a fence. It just keeps going and may start to smother other plants.
Multiflora Rose Serves As Host For Rose Rosette DiseaseIt was already a weed problem, invading gardens and natural areas, but now, Multiflora rose is also known to be the host plant for Rose Rosette Disease.
Invasive Thistle Spreads With The WindIf you've ever had thistles turn up as weeds in your garden, you know how nasty they can be. Get rid of them completely, before they go to seed and spread across the neighborhood.
White SnakerootWhite Snakeroot - <em>Ageratina altissima</em>, a member of the Aster family - is a native plant once thought to cure snakebites, but in fact, it's toxic.

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