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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Interns Hopeful Internship Will Turn Into Full Time Position

Jill Schlesinger reports employers in the Philadelphia area use internships to develop a pool of potential employees for their organizations.


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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Are Unpaid Internships A Thing Of The Past?

Jill Schlesinger reports the National Association of Colleges and Employers says 97.5 percent of internships are paid.


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Interns Can’t Sue For Sexual Harassment

Since unpaid interns are not employees, they can’t sue for sexual harassment – with a few exceptions.


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Summer Jobs For Kids Must Abide By Child Labor Laws

For those enterprising youth looking for a summer job, there are some child labor laws that you do need to keep in mind.


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Philly Fellows Provides Opportunity In Non-Profit World

Philly Fellows provides an opportunity for young graduates to learn about the importance of the non-profit world and gain experience for future employment.


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Thousands Of Students Train For Paid Summer Internships In Philadelphia

Keeping kids out of trouble in the summer can be tough, but one local organization is determined to make sure young people are putting their free time to good use.


Unpaid Interns Could Cost You

In order, legally, to hire an intern whom you don’t pay, the duties performed must primarily be for the benefit of the trainee – not the employer.


Illegal Internships

Labor laws don’t allow companies not to pay interns unless the company provides training for the benefit of the intern, and that the employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the trainee.


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Summer Program Encourages Interns To Stay In Philadelphia After Graduation

My Philly Summer is a series of networking opportunities. Interns even got to rub elbows with Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter.


Stigall 7.12.11

Chris anaylzes the latest on the debate over the debt ceiling, discusses a restaurant that has banned kids under six, and reviews a lawsuit after a case of road rage.

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