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Privacy Advocates Do Not Support New Internet Privacy Bill

CISPA — the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act — is supported by Facebook and Google but not privacy advocates.


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Those Online Photos That ‘Disappear’ May Actually Persist, Privacy Experts Warn

Snapchat says it allows you to send any kind of photo to your friends, for a time frame of your choosing. But do the photos really disappear?


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Facebook Adds More Powerful Search Capabilities To Its Social Network Site

The social network has unveiled a unique search tool that lets you delve deeply into what your friends and others share on the site.


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Deportation At Stake In NJ Webcam Spying Case

After weeks of testimony, the case that kick-started national conversations about gay youths and Internet privacy was sent Wednesday to a jury that must decide whether a former Rutgers University student is a criminal or just a young man who was confused by seeing two men kiss.