International Philadelphia Flower Show

(credit: Phran Novelli)

Visit The Philadelphia Flower Show — Twice

If you go through the Philadelphia Flower Show a second time, you’re sure to see and remember lots of plants and flowers you overlooked first time around.


(credit:  Temple University Ambler)

How To Make Your Garden Look Like Hawaii

One of the exhibits at the Phiadelphia Flower Show shows how you can grow a lush Hawaiian-looking garden with plants native to the Philadelphia area.


(Credit: Mike Dougherty)

There’s A Special Room For Men At This Year’s Flower Show

Big screen TVs, casino table games, and a fully stocked bar make the Man Cave a favorite place for guys to hang out.


Flower Show Blue Wave

Aloha From The Philadelphia Flower Show

Hawaii is the inspiration for this year’s annual Flower Show.



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