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Building Muscle Mass Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

Insulin resistance is a major contributing factor to the development of diabetes. A new study suggests building muscle mass helps.


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Medical Expenses: What You Can – And Can’t – Deduct

What medical expenses can you deduct, and when? There’s been a change in tax law.


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Google Contact Lens Could Be Option For Diabetics

The idea that all of that monitoring could be going on passively, through a contact lens, is especially promising for the world’s 382 million diabetics who need insulin and keep a close watch on their blood sugar.


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Researchers Work On Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine

The idea of a vaccine for type 1 diabetes certainly seems farfetched today but don’t count out the fact that in the future there may be such a vaccine.


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Generic Diabetes Drug May Now Help In The Fight Against Cancer

The generic diabetes drug Metformin, which has been around for years, is being studied as a possible wonder drug in the battle against cancer.



Anti-Cancer Gene May Be Key To Healthy All You Can Eat Lifestyle

Think about a world where we could eat all we want without sacrificing our health. In the laboratory that may be possible, at least in mice with a certain anti-cancer gene.


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Analysis: Managing Diabetes

America is facing a health crisis – diabetes. It causes heart problems and much more including a potential loss if vision.


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An Increase In Type 2 Diabetes

The rise in Type 2 diabetes is concerning because if it is not controlled it can cause long term damage of the blood vessels, the eyes and the kidneys.


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Diabetic Lifestyle May Be Healthier All Around

Living a lifestyle that leads to the control of diabetes can be better than living a careless life and not having the condition.


Hypoglycemia Can Be Deadly

Researchers have found that there is an increased relationship between severe hypoglycemia and death. There is also double the risk of a non-fatal heart attack and stroke.


Type 2 Diabetes May Lead to Alzheimers

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough People with type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop plaques in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s. A Japanese study followed 135 elderly participants for thirty five years.