Study: Looking At ‘Food Porn’ Makes Eating Less Fun

“Food porn” might actually be more of a turn off to your taste buds.


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Instagram Begins Rolling Advertising Into Users’ Feeds

The Facebook-owned service says that the ads will start appearing over the next couple of months and will come from brands that you don’t “follow.”


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Video News Network Is Changing The Way People Watch The News

The way most people consume news is changing and a new video news network is at the forefront of this new trend.


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Instagram Hits Milestone Growth In Users

So what’s next for Instagram? All signs point to advertising. But, we’ll have to wait and see.


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Instagram Takes On Vine With New Video Sharing Tool

The popular photo sharing app Instagram, owned by Facebook, is taking a swipe at Twitter’s Vine App by launching their own video sharing tool.


MENLO PARK, CA - JUNE 20: Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom speaks during a press event at Facebook headquarters on June 20, 2013 in Menlo Park, California. Systrom announced that Facebook's photo-sharing subsidiary Instagram will now allow users to take and share video. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Facebook Adds Video To Instagram

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said Thursday that users will be record and share 15-second clips by tapping a video icon in the app.


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Facebook Introduces Hashtags

Facebook is introducing hashtags, the number signs used on Twitter, Instagram and other services to identify topics being discussed and allow users to search for them.


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Instagram Hits The Web

You can now browse your Instagram feed on the web just like you do on your mobile device.



Overgram App

Instagram can put just about any filter you want on a picture you take with your cellphone, but if you want to add a caption, you’ve historically been out of luck. Now, there’s another option.



Instagram Rolls Out New Terms Of Service Saturday, But Is It Too Late?

After an outcry on social media last month, Instagram apologized to its users for what it called “confusing language.” It has now revised its terms of service, but may have already lost half of its Instagrammers.


Instagram Changes Terms Of Service, Stirs Anger Among Users

Instagram Apologizes To Users For “Confusing Language”

After an outcry on social media, Instagram apologized to its 30 million users Tuesday for what it called confusing language, and now says it won’t sell your photos.




Mirrorgram lets you add a mirroring technique to digital photos you have or are currently taking, creating funky images unlike those generated by other filters.


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EyeEm App

If you’re looking for something a little different than Instagram, EyeEm might be worth a look.


(Credit: Melony Roy)

Restaurateurs Showcase Their Menus Via Instagram

Undecided about what to order at a restaurant? There’s a social media App that’s turning into a menu assistant.


(Credit: Melony Roy)

Obama Campaign Harnesses Photo-Sharing To Invigorate Young Voters

In an effort to motivate the approximately 15 million new, young voters, President Obama’s re-election campaign has unveiled “For All,” via social media.





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