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Imhotep Institute Charter High School

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Experience Different School Settings To Find Niche, Says Philadelphia Principal

“Many excellent teachers end up leaving the profession earlier because the first teaching job they find is in a school or a grade not suited to them. That is why it is important for prospective and new teachers to spend as much time as possible in different school settings as volunteers.”


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Students At Phila. High School Get Special Lesson On Safe Internet Usage

Students at Imhotep Institute Charter High School got a lesson about their future Tuesday and about how they can be safer online.


(Students donate blood at Imhotep Institute Charter High School.  Photo by Cherri Gregg)

A Philadelphia Charter School Holds Blood Drive For Sickle-Cell Victims

The student-organized, student-run blood drive, administered by the Red Cross, could be a lifesaver for some of the tens of thousands of African-Americans with sickle-cell anemia.


(Teachers and students of Imhotep Charter School outside the Pearl Theatre, on North Broad Street.  Credit: John McDevitt.

A Philadelphia Charter School Makes ”Red Tails” Movie A Learning Experience

Students of the Imhotep Institute Charter High School went on a field trip to view the new movie “Red Tails” and talk about the subject.