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Got A Computer? Your Help Is Wanted On A Groundbreaking StudyResearchers from several universities will oversee the microbiome project. Their goal is to find new ways to prevent and treat autoimmune diseases associated with this still unmapped region of the body.
Corporate Support For Early High SchoolsEarly high school combines high school and college together in a six year program in which students can earn associates degrees. The Obama administration has recommended that Congress allocate more money for vocational, career and technical education promoting this approach.
Private Clubs Can Legally DiscriminateGeorgia’s Augusta National Golf Club, host of the Master’s Tournament, seems to have a problem on its hands, and it’s not the legality of its males-only membership policy. It’s a PR problem.
Who's Happy At Work?A recent survey of 30,000 employees finds younger workers, defined as those under 34, are happier with their employers than their older counterparts; but less likely to stay.
Studies Show Long Commutes Can Affect Stress LevelsAs more and more people extend their job searches, they may also be extending their commutes to work. But is a long commute impacting your health?

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