Want To Work From Home? It Might Be Easier Than Your Boss ThinksYou might wonder why you can't do your job from home. Well, you probably can.
Jersey Shore Ocean Hits Record Warm TempsThe ocean water temperature this week is in the record books.
US Warship En Route To Philadelphia For CommissioningIt's a US Navy vessel that left this morning from a shipbuilding yard in Mississippi and will be commissioned here this fall.
Newly Uncovered Bug Threatens Security In Android DevicesA newly uncovered security flaw in Android devices could put nearly a billion phones and tablets at risk.
Delays And Cancellations Continue For Delta Air Lines PassengersThe company is trying to recover from a computer outage that led to thousands of people being stranded at PHL and airports around the world.
Back To School: How Much Are You Paying For School Supplies?The back-to-school circulars are coming thick and fast -- and for good reason: a survey says we're expected to spend more than last year on classroom supplies.
PA Turnpike High-Speed Upgrade (No, You Won’t Get Pulled Over)The Turnpike Commission wants a fiber-optic network to replace an aging digital microwave system.
Some Texters Don't See Themselves In New EmojiThe new emoji will include a female cop, a woman weightlifting, one catching a wave and more.
Phone, Phone In Your Hand, Who's The Fastest Mobile Network In The Land?One mobile network has sped far ahead of others in Philadelphia, according to a new report.
Theranos CEO, In Philadelphia To Appeal To Scientific Community, Tries To Stop The Bleeding It's been a bruising journey for Theranos, the Silicon Valley blood-testing startup once valued at $9 billion.
New App Could Elevate Your Elevator Experience If your usual elevator ride is sluggish and crowded, your smartphone could offer relief.
New Tech 'Virtually' Enables You To Sing With Famous MusiciansYour dreams of music stardom could be realized -- virtually, at least.

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