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Health: Researchers Testing New Vaccine That Could Lower Blood Pressure A new way to lower blood pressure might be on the horizon.
Make High Blood Pressure A High PriorityBlood pressure is not adequately controlled in approximately 75% of adult patients with hypertension.
Children At Risk For High Blood PressureHigh blood pressure in children leads to high blood pressure in adults and adult hypertension is the leading cause of death in the world.
Controlling High Blood Pressure May Be A Matter Of Life And DeathWhen it comes down to it, controlling high blood pressure is best done by a team approach.
Most Adults Don't Treat High Blood Pressure Or Don't Control ItBlood pressure is not adequately controlled in approximately 75% of adult patients with hypertension.
Controlling High Blood Pressure Is A MustWe know that high blood pressure is called the silent killer. It's also well known that many people refuse to take medications to control it.
Increase In High Blood Pressure Among ChildrenWe know we have an issue with obesity in children in this country and, not surprisingly, high blood pressure is also on the rise in kids.
Local Researchers Testing Procedure For People With High Blood PressureLocal researchers are testing a procedure for people with hard to treat hypertension.
Check Children's Blood PressureHigh blood pressure in children and teens is a growing problem but many parents don't even think of it as a concern for their kids.
New Hope For High Blood Pressure Sufferers Who Get No Relief from DrugsThe University of Pennsylvania is helping to test a new procedure that could provide a cure for the millions of Americans with high blood pressure that can't be controlled with medication.
High Blood Pressure During PregnancyWomen who have high blood pressure in pregnancy are more likely to have problems later in life with their pressure.
Teen Boys: Their Blood Pressure Now, and Down the Road

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