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Asperger’s Syndrome At Work

Offices value not just skill but also “corporate fit” – someone who fits in. But what does an office do with a worker who has Asperger’s syndrome?


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Applying For A New Job With Your Old Company

If you left a job but now want back in, or if you were laid off but hear of job openings at your old company, what should and what should you NOT do?


No Age Discrimination Against The Young

While a few states protect all workers 18 years and older, most workers under age 40 cannot sue for age discrimination.


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Washington Native Embarks On Summer Road Trip In Search Of Work, Stops In Philadelphia

Matt Perkins and his family are on a summer road trip like no other. It’s a job hunting journey.


Using your Blackberry during a meeting is a business faux pas (credit: Getty Images)

Philly Staffing Firm Releases E-Etiquette Guide For Business

The international staffing firm Robert Half is out with a free downloadable guide to electronic business etiquette.