Hope Moffett

Despite objections from Audenreid students (left) and teacher Hope Moffett (far right) the school was converted to a charter. (credit: KYW's Mike DeNardo)

Despite Objections, Audenried High School Converted To Charter

After the announcement, Audenried teacher Hope Moffett — the teacher disciplined after she publicly opposed the charter plan — spoke out again.


(Hope Moffett, on her first day back in the classroom after being assigned to an empty room by school district officials while her case was being decided.  File photo by KYW's Jim Melwert)

Philadelphia’s ‘Rubber Room’ Schoolteacher Faces Off Against School Board

Hope Moffett, the Philadelphia public school teacher who was once confined to a “rubber room,” is going public again with her criticism of the School District of Philadelphia.


(Hope Moffett speaks with reporters as she returned to Audenreid High School Monday. Credit: Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio)

Philadelphia ‘Rubber Room’ Teacher Heads Back To School, District Seeks Suspension

English teacher Hope Moffett, charged by The School District of Philadelphia for endangering the welfare of children, is expected back in her classroom at Audenreid High School in Grays Ferry on Monday.



‘Rubber Room’ Teacher Returning To The Classroom

The Philadelphia school district has changed its mind about firing a teacher who let students leave school to protest the school’s conversion to a charter. The teacher is returning to work Monday after three weeks in a so-called “rubber room.”



‘Rubber Room’ Teacher, School District To Enter Arbitration

Hope Moffett is still in limbo, assigned each day to an administrative room, often called derisively “the rubber room”, rather than her classroom at Audenried High School.


(Audenried High School teacher Hope Moffett. File photo by Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia Teachers’ Union Asks Court To Block Firing Of ‘Rubber Room’ Teacher

The School District of Philadelphia wants to fire teacher Hope Moffett, the Audenried High School teacher who has spoken out against plans to convert her school to a charter school.


file photo (by KYW's Mike DeNardo)

Ackerman Discusses ‘Rubber Room’ Teacher

For the first time, Philadelphia schools chief Arlene Ackerman is publicly weighing in on the case of the teacher in the district’s so-called “rubber room.”


(Audenried High School teacher Hope Moffett.  Photo by KYW's Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia School Officials Want ‘Rubber Room’ Teacher Fired

Philadelphia school officials have recommended that Hope Moffett — who for weeks has been disciplined in the district’s so-called “rubber room” for her outspokenness — be fired.



Outspoken Philadelphia School Teacher Sits In Exile

Audenried High School teacher Hope Moffett has not taught a class in more than a week while the school district makes a decision on how to discipline her.