Replay AppThe Replay app removes some of the pain of making your phone's home movies look better.
Home Video Report: 2011's Box Office Hits and MissesA fascinating mix on this week's video review...
Home Video Report: Big Box Office Names In DVD ReleasesOur video review this week offers some major stars in high-profile productions.
Home Video Report: Old and New to Greet the New YearThere's quite a mix in this week's video offerings.
Home Video Report: Science Fiction, History, and DramaSome familiar names make this week's video list.
Home Video Report: Movie Classics As Holiday GiftsThe approaching holiday season signals the release of several movies considered major attractions for video collections.
Home Video Report: Buddies, Old and NewHeadlining our home video collection this week is a mammoth assortment of works by two of the most popular comedy personalities in movie history.
Home Video Report: He Said He'd Be Back...Our list of the week's memorable videos offers both the current and vintage variety.
Home Video Report: A Week For The UnusualThis week's video releases present a rather unusual mix, including three films of a rather bizarre nature.
Home Video Report: Summer DVD DoldrumsVery few items on this week's home video list other than what we might call "certified thrillers."
Home Video Report: Bob Dylan is 'Revealed' in New DocumentaryThe documentary "Bob Dylan Revealed" offers an intimate biography of the man and his music.
Home Video Report: Some New Items Originating On Small ScreenOur video list this week clearly demonstrates that some releases are impressive collections over personalities.

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