Home Video Report

("Titanic," re-released in 3-D, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.)

Home Video Report: 2-D ‘Titanic’ Re-released on Eve of Big-Screen 3-D Version

Some re-releases have become “big time.”


(Humphrey Bogart starred in "Casablanca," first released in 1942.)

Home Video Report: 70th Anniversary Edition of ‘Casablanca’

Our featured video this week is a major Hollywood achievment and considered by many to be the greatest love story ever.


(The Adventures of Tintin, from 2011, is now on home video.)

Home Video Report: Tintin, Muppets, and Real People, Too

Jamie Bell and Steven Spielberg have joined in the computer-generated “The Adventures of Tintin,” now on home video.


Asa Butterfield as Hugo Cabret in 'Hugo.' (Credit: GK Films)

Home Video Report: Oscar-Harvesting ‘Hugo’ Out on DVD

Martin Scorsese’s surprising children’s film deals with an orphan boy who is a 1930s resident of one of Paris’ busy railroad terminals.


(Yes, that's Leonardo DiCaprio under there.)

Home Video Report: 2011 ‘J. Edgar’ Released to DVD

Last year, under the direction of Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio starred in a drama exploring the life of one of the most controversial figures of the 20th century.



Home Video Report: DVDs You Must Have In Your Collection

Videos we review usually fall into one of two classifications: general entertainment, or items having “historical” significance.


(Freida Pinto stars as the title character in "Miral," directed by Julian Schnabel, now coming out on DVD.

Home Video Report: A Week For The Unusual

This week’s video releases present a rather unusual mix, including three films of a rather bizarre nature.


(Harvey Milk, in a scene from the documentary "The Times of Harvey Milk.")

Home Video Report: Thrillers, Comedies, Documentaries Arrive On DVD

From 1984, the Oscar-winning documentary on the trailblazing life and tragic murder of San Francisco political activist-turned-politician, Harvey Milk.


(A scene from Sweet Smell Of Success, 1957 Starring Tony Curtis (left) and Burt Lancaster (right))

Home Video Report: A 50’s Flick Reissue Among Other New Releases

We have an interesting mix on this week’s Video List.


Home Video Report: Tyler Perry Sequel Comes to DVD

Our home video releases this week are pretty much a mixed bag.


Home Video Report: Polanski's Latest on DVD

KYW’s Bob Nelson reports that even though the name Roman Polanski is still in the shadows so far as his private life is concerned, his brilliance as a film director is without question.