Herbert and Catherine Schaible

(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

2013 IN REVIEW: Phila. Couple Chooses Prayer, Not Doctor, For Dying Son

Herbert and Catherine Schaible are awaiting sentencing after admitting they chose prayer over medicine, leading to the death of their seven-month-old son last April.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Couple Faces Murder Trial In 2nd Faith-Healing Death

A Philadelphia couple who believes in faith healing over medicine faces a murder trial in the pneumonia death of their second son in three years.


(credit: Philadelphia District Attorney's Office)

‘Faith Healing’ Couple Expected To Appear In Court Today

Authorities say seven month old Brandon Schiable died on April 18th from dehydration and bacterial pneumonia. According to the DA, instead of caring and nurturing him, his parents caused his death by praying instead of taking him to the doctor.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

No Bail For Faith Healing Couple Charged In Son’s Death

A Philadelphia judge orders the couple to remain in custody as they await a preliminary hearing next month.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Prayer-Healing Couple Charged With 3rd Degree Murder In Death Of Son

A prayer-healing couple has been charged with third degree murder in the death of their 7-month-old son.


Death Of Philadelphia Prayer-Healing Couple’s Son Ruled A Homicide

The death of a prayer-healing couple’s 8-month-old son has been ruled a homicide by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner.


Philly Couple On Trial For Getting Prayer, Not Doctor, For Dying Son

The prosecutor alleges that Herbert and Catherine Schaible, now charged with involuntary manslaughter, sought no medical care for their child.