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Southeastern Pennsylvania Dry But Has Not Crossed Drought Threshold

As large sections of the country suffer in drought, southeastern Pennsylvania has been dry, but has not crossed the drought threshold.


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Today Marks The 4th Heat Wave This Summer

Today marks the fourth heat wave of the summer, as temperatures rose for a third day in a row – into the 90s.



Montgomery County Issues ‘Code Red’ For Tuesday

The Montgomery County Commissioner’s office has issued a Hot Weather Health Warning, or “Code Red,” for the county beginning at noon and ending at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.


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Philadelphia Residents Coping With The Heat

On Saturday, staying cool wasn’t just a luxury, it was a necessity for anyone who ventured outside in Philadelphia.



Two More Heat-Related Deaths In Philadelphia

City health officials have confirmed two more deaths are attributable, at least in part, to the long wave of sweltering heat in the area.


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Too Much Water Or Too Little? Watering Your Garden In A Heat Wave

Saturday’s temperature could be at 100 degrees or above, and your plants are showing signs that they’ve had enough.



Tips For Avoiding Car Trouble During Heat Wave

As tough as this heat can be on people, it can be just as tough on your car, which is why it’s important to do what you can to keep your car, and your car’s air conditioner, in working condition.



Heat Wave Can Be Dangerous For Young And Old

One of the things we see that commonly happens during extended heat waves is that people get impatient, especially people who like to be active.


(seniors eating lunch at Philadelphia Senior Center) (credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Area Residents Flock To Senior Centers To Find Relief From Heat

The heat is causing an increase in attendance at area senior centers.



South Jersey Cooling Centers Open For The Holiday

Southern New Jersey has opened several municipal cooling stations which will be open throughout July 3-4, 2012.


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Hot Weather Affects Holiday Plans

For some, the heat can put a damper on weekend plans while others love it!


(A center city Philadelphia food cart vendor.  File photo by Dennis Edward)

Nutrition Expert Says Philadelphians Need Diet Tweaks on Oppresive Summer Days

Nyree Dardarian, who teaches at Drexel University’s Department of Nutrition Sciences, says minor adjustments to what we eat will improve our resistance to the heat.


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When It’s Too Hot Outside, PAL Moves Activities Indoors

On a typical summer day, hundreds of children take part in PAL-sponsored baseball, tennis, and golf programs. But not when temperatures are approaching 100 degrees.


(A horse carriage loading zone along Independence Mall stands empty during the heat wave.  Credit: John McDevitt)

No Horse-Drawn Carriages On Philadelphia Streets During Heat Wave

When the temperature exceeds 91 degrees, there is a city ordinance that says the horses need to be off the streets.



Helpful Heat Resources For Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the Philadelphia area from June 20th-22nd, 2012. Here are some helpful resources.