Heart Attacks

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Health: Study Links Heartburn Medications, Heart Attacks

A large new study shows a clear link between some widely-used heartburn medicines and heart attacks. CBS 3 health reporter Stephanie Stahl explains the connection.


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Health: New Research Says The Best Place To Have A Heart Attack Is Not In A Hospital

The new study published in JAMA found that people who were already hospitalized were more likely to die from a heart attack than people who had a heart attack outside the hospital.


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Preventive Measures Against Heart Disease And Strokes Are Working

A recent study found that major advances over the past decade in the treatment and prevention of heart disease and stroke appear to be paying off.


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Health: Snowy Conditions May Increase Risk For Heart Attacks

Our newest blast of snow and then arctic cold are expected to increase heart attacks. Being outside can be dangerous.


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PTSD Among Stroke Survivors

Survivors of the battlefield aren’t the only ones at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.


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Cooling Treatments For Cardiac Care

Cooling or hypothermic treatment is actually a technique being used at many hospitals for people with cardiac issues. It’s gaining in popularity.


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Aortic Stenosis

In aortic stenosis the main valve regulating blood flow between the heart and the rest of the body can become critically narrowed or calcified.



OTC Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Can Be Deadly

You have probably heard about herbal medications and other over the counter treatments for erectile dysfunction. But you need to remember that just because something is over the counter doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.


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The Miracle Drug

They call aspirin the miracle drug. Think about just a few of the benefits, for example, aspirin therapy can reduce heart attacks or strokes.


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Get Chest Pain Checked Out

What should you do if you have chest pain and feel otherwise fine? There is no radiation to the jaw or any of those classic signs and there is no shortness of breath. Get it checked out no matter what.

Many people are faced with this decision every day and I consistently say the same thing which is to go to the doctor and have it checked out.


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Another Reason To Control Blood Pressure

The most obvious reason to control blood pressure is to reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke, but there is another reason as well.


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Communication Is Key To Best Health Care

Mortality rates for heart attacks can vary dramatically from hospital to hospital so researchers tried to find out why.


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Take Your Blood Pressure Medication Or Else

according to a new report from Tulane University, people who take blood pressure lowering medications have a lower risk of dying from any cause compared to those who don’t take their medications.


Heart Problems and Dental Procedures

New research indicates there is an increased risk for heart problems during the first four weeks after invasive dental treatment.