Hearing Loss

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Tinnitus Could Be A Warning Sign

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ear or the head that does not arise from the external environment or from mental illness.


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Listen 2 Life Hearing Center

Shawn Guido, a Hearing Specialist from Listen 2 Life Hearing Center provides his expertise on the symptoms and causes of hearing loss.


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New Hearing Aid Uses Smartphone To Clear The Air

A wireless connection to an iPhone delivers phone calls, music, streaming radio, even turn-by-turn navigation, right to the Linx in your ears.


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Brotherly Love: Boy, 12, Fights Hearing Loss

For several years now, a Bucks County boy has been a big cheerleader for a big cause: helping people with hearing loss through the annual Walk 4 Hearing.


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Mitochondria May Hold The Secret To Aging

You may remember the mitochondria was called the power-pack of the cell, providing energy. But, it could also help to cause a decline in muscle mass, hearing loss, and other aspects of aging.



New Study Finds One-Fifth Of Americans Older Than 12 Have Some Hearing Loss

If you’re having trouble hearing, you’re not alone.


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Area Woman Gets Full Hearing Back With Pioneering Technology

“I’m excited — I don’t know how this is going to be for me,” said Kayla Alshouse, who lost hearing in her right ear when she was eight.