Health Insurance Exchanges

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Uninsured Can Sign Up For Coverage In ‘Obamacare’ Health Exchanges Today

Sign up is online or by phone and consumers can get in-person help through non-profit “navigators” or, in Philadelphia, directly from insurer Blue Cross which has a van it’s taking from place to place.


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New Pa. Law Will Prohibit Obamacare Insurance Coverage For Most Abortions

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett has signed a bill that will prohibit coverage of most abortions by insurance policies to be offered through a federally run insurance “exchange” being set up as part of the new federal health care law.


President Barack Obama is applauded after signing the Affordable Health Care for America Act in 2010.  Credit:  Win McNamee/ Getty Images)

Corbett Decides To Let Feds Set Up Pennsylvania’s Health Insurance Exchange

In late November, Gov. Corbett said he was frustrated about a lack of detail from the feds about the rules regarding health exchanges, which will be clearinghouses in which people can shop for insurance policies.


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NJ Senate Approves an Obamacare ‘Health Exchange,’ But Future Uncertain

It still must pass the Assembly before moving on to Gov. Chris Christie.